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Loose and free, the keys jingle in my hand- sounding a soft chorus to anyone nearby of indecision. I stand on the mat, noting the silhouette of my black shoes on the brown shagged rectangle which reads only Welcome. The dim light above hums a faint buzz. It casts a sick, yellow pallor over everything, enhancing the pause as I consider my choices. Inching my hand forward, key connects with lock, pins grind and push against their brass intruder, but they surrender their position, and soon lock, pins, and key fit as if a completed puzzle - smooth and precise. A deep breath in, and I turn my hand. This time there is no grumble of complaint from the lock - only a swift and diligent click as the bolt is released from it's duties.

I don't bother to withdraw the key, but turn my hand on the knob and push. A brief squeak breaks loose, and the door swings inward, revealing the dark interior. The scents of soap and water linger in the air, and I can hear the shower running in the next room. Looking down, I can make out the thin warm strand that is light filtering under the door from the bathroom. He's taking a shower. All for the best, anyway: he wouldn't want me here. Walking to the dresser, I slow and note the blankets strewn across the bed, and with no ability to resist, I lean down, and breathe deeply at his pillow. A combination of musk and hair filters into me, and I have a conflicted feeling of reassurance in his scent, and a deepened feeling of loss in my soul. I close my eyes for a moment, holding in
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