May. 28th, 2009 02:49 pm
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Well, anyway, you know, it's just that memories are kind've yours. You know? Like, you take them and build them in your head. They're yours. These are mine anyway. Other people have memories of the same things, in different ways, but these ones aren't theirs. They're mine. Anway, you know, I'm telling you this so you'll understand if things get out of hand, or seem fictitious, or whatever. It's just, well, you build up the important things in your head and change 'em or warp 'em. Like this memory of my first bike ride - I swear in my head the sun is shining, I pedaled then curved, and the sun almost made a lens flare in my memory, it was so bright and perfect. The wind in my hair and all that. Just right, you know? Just a perfect sunny summer day. But you watch the video and it's all cloudy, and everyone's wearing long sleeves, and occasionally the sun peeks through and lights the day and all that, but for the most part it just hangs up there behind the clouds, refusing to shine.

It's like that line from What Sarah Said - the Death Cab for Cutie song. "our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds" It's true. Subjectivity, man. Gets you every time. Whatever though, I'll tell it anyway. Just know, you know, that it might not be perfect. that people are gonna tell you that's not how it happened. Probably loads of 'em. Whatever though. That's how it happened in my head. I'm just telling you how it happened from there.


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